Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So Over It

After my weekend going to the Cleveland Air Show and hooking up with an actual Navy Pilot, I have officially come to the realization that I am completely over my whole obsession with finding my own "Maverick". While I may still find a man in a uniform "hot", I now know that no matter what they look like with the uniform on, there is still an ordinary, everyday person underneath.

I further came to the realization that many women
have not come to the same conclusion I have. This past weekend, while out with my brother-in-law's Army friends, that you cannot be a fool and just pick-up any random "military guy" at the bar just because they wear a uniform for (1) If you really know what they did all day at their "job", they lose all of their mystique (my brother-in-law dresses up like George Washington) and (2) Most of them cannot be trusted. They believe that they can have any woman they want and they are just going to use you.

So, now I ask you to please get over your obsession with Top Gun. Being in the military is not as mysterious or attractive as you may think. If you are going out to hook-up with some random guy, be my guest. If you are looking to fufill you "Top Gun" fantasy, go ahead. Just don't go try to pick up a military guy at the bar looking for a relationship because you have this Hollywood idea of what someone in the military does or how that act. Believe me, the reality is far from what you've seen on the big screen. Also, remember that he might just be married and looking for a one night stand. If you're okay with that, then be my guest. Just please don't be so naive.


At 9:57 AM, Blogger ThreeCharlie said...

Hey, we're not all that bad.


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