Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

I wasn't what you would consider "popular" in high school. I was one of those individuals where all of the people more popular than me and all those less popular than me knew who I was. I was very smart (graduated 8th in my class thank you very much), played in the band, ran track, and played varsity soccer. I was never really considered a dork, "jock," or a band geek. I was just your normal, everyday student just trying to get by. I did my best not to stand out in school. I wore jeans and a t-shirt everyday, had my mouse-brown color hair pulled up in a pony tail everyday, and was flat a a board until the 11th grade. Despite my best efforts to stay hidden for 4 years of my life, I semmed to make a lot of enemies, mostly the really athletic girls who played volleyball or basketball. They were always the really popular girls who had the flawless skin, shiny blonde hair, and the perfectly perportioned bodies. There was one girl in particular, whom I'll call NS, who absolutely hated me. Granted, I was no where near as pretty, popular, or athletic as NS was, but I did or said something along the way to incur her wrath. She even went as far as to bad mouth me to my younger sister. Well, needless to say, I was terified of her for the rest of my time in school. A year or so after we graduated, I heard that NS was working as a waitress at Friendly's and was big into drugs. I saw her there once. Her once beautiful, shiny, blonde hair had lost it's lustre, and her skin had become less than flawless. The only other time I have seen her was at a bar out in Springfield Township. I was standing at the bar, waiting to pay for my dollar beers, when I heard someone say hi to me. I turned around, and saw NS sitting at the bar next to me. I said hi back, paid for my beers, and went back to the booth I was sharing with my friend. I couldn't beleive that the girl who hated my guts in high school had just noticed me and acknowledeged by presence. It was at that moment, that I realized that high school was meant to be experienced and then forgotten about, that what happens when your 16 doesn't affect you when you're 21, and that I no longer cared about what "everyone" thought about me. I had grown up since high school, both physically and emotionally, and I have a great life with great friends and a great family.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More and More Marine Animals are Close to Extinction

I read in the Washington Post today that more and more marine animals are becoming extinct. Apparently, animals such as the lemon shark, call the mangrove tree-lined coast as it's habitat, but lately, their habitat is being demolished to build plush resorts along the coast. Moreover, the over fishing and unsafe fishing practices of the fishermen, have caused what dozens of biologists believe is a "tipping point" for the ocean, with a lot of ocean-dwelling fish, birds, and mammals coming precariously close to extinction. For years, many scientists and regulators believed the oceans were so vast there was little risk of marine species dying out. In the past 300 years, researchers have documented the global extinction of just 21 marine species -- and 16 have occurred since 1972.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I hate my job!

For the second time in the past three months, my pay check has not been put into my checking account. Now, I have a negative balance in my account. My boss doesn't even care that some of us need our money every other Friday. We all aren't as rich as he is. We can't all have two Jaguars and an MG. I hate my job! I hate my Boss!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oops I Did it Again.....

So, I caved in again and purchased the shoes that I have been wanting from Saks.

I felt that I just couldn't like with myself if I didn't have them. I think it is just all a fact of my compulsive shopping. At least I get a little bit of enjoyment out of increasing my major credit card debt.

What is wrong with the world today?

I just ran across the pictures of the guy who was apparently shot be a BB gun while outside of Britney's baby shower. While the paparazzi may get a little out of control at times, I don't think it was necessary to shoot the guy. Although, I do find it quite amusing that the paparazzi who was trying to take pictures of Britney was himself photographed by other paparazzi.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Charge It"

Anyone who has ever read this website or seen my "Screen name" has probably thought,
"This girl is all talk."
"This girl can't afford anthing she talks about buying."
Truth is, I can afford it, but I am into serious credit card debt. We're not talking $2000-3000. We're talking over $10,000. I don't know how that happened. Well, maybe I do. It could be all of the clothes I am constantly buying at Express. Or the Manolos or Dior shoes that I seem to always be purchasing from Neiman Marcus. Or the 2 pairs of Gucci sunglasses or the lage Gucci purse I just purchased from Saks. I'm begining to think I have an addiction. What can I say, I like to have nice things, and I very well can't afford to pay cash when I am only making $25,000 a year. For now, at least, I guess I am going to have to settle for being in serious debt because I don't think my finacial situation is going to change anytime soon. I either need to (1) Go back to school or (2) find a very very rich husband. Although, I'm sure that #1 is going to happen way before #2. I'm not complaining because I love everything I have, but I am starting to realize it is getting just a little bit out of control. Hurry, someone have an intervention for me, or I'm going to be in serious trouble!