Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wish I were there.....

So, it has been a couple of months since I started this blog and have only done a couple of posts. I find it hard to find the time in my busy schedule to post on this thing. I have to say, that after a long hiatus, I am glad to see KAC back in the DC blogosphere. Her presence was sorely missed. I have become adicted to checking up on all of the blogs in DC. I have also become obsessed with DC in general. I wish I could visit it every weekend. My recently married sister lives in Alexandria, and her husband is in the Colonial Color Guard for the Army. I will be so excited when I can spend a weekend going to all of the great restaurants and bars there. I have also become a bit obsessed with the fomerly "Athens Socialites". I can't wait everyday to see what has been going on as they explore the city as residents instead of as tourists. Although, I am a little jealous that the got to go to the Red, White, and Blue party at Indebleu. I am hoping to get down there in the next month or so, so I can go to all of the wonderful and fabulous places I have learned about forn the DC Blogosphere.


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